House List Survey

    • $2,495.00

    Our House List Survey leverages your email list, blog, Facebook and Twitter followers to produce an affordable survey.

    We will provide you:

    • Questionnaire design services, including writing a 20-question survey reflecting research best practices
    • Programming of the survey into an online tool
    • Providing you links to use to invite respondents through your email list, blog, Facebook and Twitter
    • Survey data cleansing
    • Excel file with all results, including demographics fields if contained in your email database (gender, age, ethnicity, location, household income, etc.)

    Depending on the response rate to your invitations, we will close the survey 5 days after you send your last invite or reminder. Within 3 days of closing the survey, you will receive a white paper analyzing the results along with the raw data in an Excel spreadsheet.

    We have extensive experience with online surveys, dating back to 1996. We are confident that we can deliver you quality answers that you can trust as you make key business decisions about your market.

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