Custom Surveys at Standard Prices

We provide you feedback from prospects and customers so that you can make key business decisions about your market. Our consultants write the questionnaire, collect results from your target audience, and send you a detailed report. All for low, standardized rates.

Answering Your Business Questions

Professional market research can answer your key questions:

  • How are the needs of customers and prospects changing?
  • What features of a product (or attributes of a service) are essential for success?
  • What is driving customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction?

Case Studies

Concept Testing

For a personal-services startup, Researchscape identified which aspects of the potential service would be worth a premium and which wouldn't.

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Feature Prioritization

For an app publisher, Researchscape identified which features had to be in version 1.0, and which could wait.

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Social Media Usage

For a stealth-mode startup, Researchscape identified developing opportunities.

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Delegate, Don't Procrastinate

Yes, you could learn how to use a survey tool and find a source of potential respondents. Yes, you could learn how to write a questionnaire and master the statistical techniques needed to compare questions.

Or you could simply tell us your target audience and the business questions you want to answer, and let us take it from there.

The result? Answers you can have confidence in.

How It Works


Target Audience

You tell us the business decisions you need to make — and your target audience.



We write the questionnaire that will support your goals, following research best practices.



You approve the questionnaire, or suggest edits (back to 2).



We survey 100 or more respondents (from our panel or from your house email list).



Our consultants analyze the data and write a detailed report answering your key business questions. You have the insights you need to proceed!


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43% of Next Home Buyers Will Use Existing Mortgage Lender

Posted on: Thursday 04/04/19

More than three quarters of existing homeowners say they feel more confident with their second purchase. In a survey conducted in March for Mr Cooper, Researchscape International found that .....

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Exlusive 4A's Research Offers Keen Insight Into Brand Loyalty

Posted on: Thursday 04/04/19

A recent 4A survey, conducted with Researchscape, shows the main reasons consumers stop shopping a brand are quality, price, reliability and trust. Of note, 25% of respondents said they had .....

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Institute For PR Research Calls For Clients To Complete Survey On Agency Search

Posted on: Wednesday 27/03/19

The Institute of Public Relations Research is working with consulting firm RFP Assoc to conduct what is believed to be the PR industry’s first national research into the agency search and hi.....

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