Custom Surveys

You need custom survey results quickly and affordably: results that will provide you with data you can trust to make key business decisions. Researchscape is here to help.


100 respondents
(when 10+% of profiled consumers qualify)

Unweighted results

15 questions

Summary of results



250 respondents
(when 25+% of profiled consumers qualify)

Unweighted results

20 questions

White paper, with exhibits



1,000 respondents
(when 100% of profiled consumers qualify)

Quota sampled

25 questions

White paper, with exhibits


"Do It For You" Surveys at DIY Prices

Have full confidence in the data you collect:

  • All the convenience and peace of mind of professional custom research for the price of doing it on your own
  • We design the questionnaire based on your outline, following Research On Research best practices
  • We program the questionnaire
  • We field your survey to U.S. consumers whose identity has been authenticated (Contact us about surveying business professionals or consumers outside the U.S.)

For surveys with 250 or more respondents:

  • We prepare a detailed written report summarizing the results
  • We cross-tabulate all closed-ended questions to understand how demographic groups differ in their responses

For surveys with 750 or more respondents:

  • We sample by age, gender, and region using U.S. Census data, to maximize representativeness

Customizations available upon request. 

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