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    Omnibus Survey Question

    • $995.00

    For those times when you need a large sample size to just a few questions, Researchscape offers a daily omnibus of 1,000 U.S. adults, aged 18 years old and up. We will deliver results on the next business day (excluding holidays).

    To achieve your objectives, Researchscape will professionally design 1 to 10 questions following research best practices. The questions will be fielded in the next available omnibus study (for more questions, we will field a custom survey).

    In addition to custom questions, standard blocks of questions are available:

    • Unaided awareness / Aided awareness / Brand usage
    • Overall satisfaction and key driver analysis
    • Incidence check and profile

    Standard demographic data is provided and crosstabulated: gender, age, state, region, race/ethnicity, Hispanicity, educational attainment, employment status, household income, household size, marital status, and presence of children under 25 at home. Additional demographics can be added as custom questions (e.g., home ownership, age of children, political party). To improve representativeness, results are rim weighted by gender, age, region, race/ethnicity, Hispanicity, and educational attainment. The deliverables include a Word report, a PowerPoint of the frequency results and key crosstabs, and an Excel crosstabulation file, as well as the raw data.

    The fee is $995 for every set of three questions, where a question can be an essay question, a select-one question, a select-all-that-apply question with no more than 10 choices, or a set of 3 rows of a grid. 

    A question's display can be conditional upon the answers of a prior question, for times when you have detailed follow-up questions for low-incidence populations. Your questions will be included in an omnibus survey with questions from other Researchscape clients. All questions are confidential to each individual client.

    Need 10 or more questions? Check out the U.S. Nationally Representative Survey options.


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