Custom Programming - 10 Consulting Hours

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    We provide a block of 10 retainer hours for you to use for all aspects of custom programming of surveys, for whenever you have unique needs that are not met by your current survey system. In the past, we've programmed custom scoring, market-segmentation identification, and unique question types.

    We frequently implement scoring algorithms in SurveyGizmo. For a private undergraduate college, we developed a career quiz that helps prospective students identify the top three majors that will best fit their interests. For an executive coaching business, we developed a lead-generation quiz where prospects would evaluate their entrepreneurial successes and leadership skills and get scores and detailed recommendations. For a law firm, we developed a security compliance assessment form with integrated payment options so that respondents could purchase a personalized report of recommended actions. For an educational foundation, we implemented a comparison of individual results to filtered branch results and displayed maps showing regional results.

    We often do small SurveyGizmo customizations as well:
    1. We have implemented a number of custom approaches to randomization: one randomized groups of items (answers) rather than individual items, while another developed random subsets. In both cases, we taught the client how to apply these scripts themselves to future projects.
    2. We developed a custom CSS with a unique look and feel for matrix questions.
    3. We have supported video output (hiding video player controls to force respondents to watch the video of a proposed commercial before proceeding) as well as video input (recording video responses and storing in the cloud). 
    4. We have a done a number of integrations, including pushing survey results into a CRM system and writing .NET code that uses the SurveyGizmo API to pull out results and prepare standardized reports.
    5. Need carry-forward randomization, categorized randomization, matrix validation, video playback validation, video capture, or scoring reports? See our standardized SurveyGizmo Solutions.
    For other platforms:
    • For an annual survey of IT staff about technology usage, we have implemented custom programming that balances the quantity of 104 technologies that are assessed, using over 3,000 conditional statements.
    • For a survey platform that, unlike SurveyGizmo, does not support built-in A/B testing, we implemented a JavaScript approach to randomization.

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