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    Global Survey

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    Our Global Survey offering provides 1,000 online interviews with English-speaking consumers (general population). Tech companies and digital e-commerce companies that sell globally but only through the web and only in English often need to capture the pulse of the English-speaking online population. 

    To capture this, Researchscape uses quota sampling with the Top 10 countries with English as an official language, in proportion to their English-speaking population size.

    Country  Sample Size           Country Sample Size
    United States 359           Canada  40
    India 179           Ghana 26
    Philippines 128           Australia 25
    Nigeria 113           South Africa 23
    United Kingdom 85           Pakistan 22

    Within 7 days of approving the final questionnaire, you will receive an executive summary analyzing the results, along with a PowerPoint presentation of charts and key crosstabs.

    We will provide you:

    • Questionnaire design services, including updating the questionnaire to reflect survey research best practices
    • Programming of the survey into an online tool
    • Fielding of the survey to 1,000 English-speaking adults
    • Survey data cleansing
    • Payment of respondent incentives
    • Excel file with all results, including demographic fields (gender, age, location, etc.)

    We have extensive experience with online surveys, dating back to 1996. We are confident that we can deliver you quality answers that you can trust as you make key business decisions about your market.


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