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    SurveyGizmo Solutions

    • $995.00

    We have prepackaged customizations that we can apply to your SurveyGizmo surveys using SurveyGizmo custom scripting. For $595, we can do one of the following:

    • Carry-Forward Randomization - We can store the random order used in a question and present subsequent choices in that consistent order.
    • Categorized Randomization - We can randomize the order of categories of choices, and then randomize the order of choices within each category, in order to keep similar choices next to one another.
    • Matrix Validation - We can implement custom validation on grid questions, taking into account interactions between different parts of the grid.
    • Video Playback Validation - We can implement custom validation on video playback to ensure that respondents have watched the video prior to responding to the question.
    • Video Capture - We can implement video capture questions (but you will need to license a third-party SaaS application for $20 per month as well).
    • Scoring Reports - We can setup the thank-you page to email respondents a copy of their quiz score results.

    SurveyGizmo is a registered trademark of Widgix, LLC. Researchscape is an independent agency.


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